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Question: What is cell renderer in Ag grid?

Cell Renderer. The job of the grid is to lay out the cells. By default the grid will create the cell values using simple text. If you want more complex HTML inside the cells then this is achieved using cell renderers.

What is agInit?

Cell Renderer Component Lifecycle The lifecycle of the cell renderer is as follows: agInit() is called once (with the corresponding cell’s parameters supplied). The component’s GUI will be inserted into the grid 0 or 1 times (the component could get destroyed first, i.e. when scrolling quickly).

What is valueGetter in Ag grid?

As per docs – A Value Getter is a function that gets called allowing values to be pulled from literally anywhere, including executing any expressions you wish along the way. Example – { headerName: ‘Name’, colId: ‘name’, valueGetter: function(params) { return params. data.

How do I put an icon on Ag grid cell?

4 Answers. You need to use the cellRenderer field in the objects that are in the columnDefs array. Basically, you take what would normally be displayed, and the icon you want to display and place them both in one <span>.

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What is context in Ag grid?

The context object is passed to most of the callbacks used in the grid. The purpose of the context object is to allow the client application to pass details to custom callbacks such as the Cell Renderers and Cell Editors.

How do you hide columns in Ag grid?

You can set the column property of suppressToolPanel to true to achieve that. If you are looking for dynamically show/hide columns follow below: You can use either setColumnVisible or setColumnsVisible. NOTE: those functions expect a colKey(s) which is related to the field you set in columnDefs.

What is Ag-grid-community?

AG Grid is a fully-featured and highly customizable JavaScript data grid.

How do you get row data in Ag grid?

Firstly, row selection must be enabled by setting gridOptions. rowSelection to either “single” or “mulitple”, depending on the selection behavior you’d like to implement. You can then use the grid API method getSelectedNodes() to return a list of all currently selected rows in ag-Grid.

What is a value setter?

A Value Setter is the inverse of a Value Getter. Where the value getter allows getting values from your data using a function rather than a field, the value setter allows you to set values into your data using a function rather than specifying a field.

How do you update row data in Ag grid?

The easiest way to update data inside the grid is to replace the data you gave it with a fresh set of data. This is done by either updating the rowData bound property (if using a framework) or calling api. setRowData(newData).

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How do you make AG grid editable?

The simplest way to enable editing is by providing colDef. editable=true. By doing so, all the cells in the column will be editable. It is possible to have only a few cells in a column editable; to do so, instead of colDef.

How do you change the theme on Ag grid?

ag-Grid Theme Customisation Examples

  1. Clone the project.
  2. Choose a project: src/vanilla: customising a theme in vanilla JavaScript, including an example of changing the icon font.
  3. In the project folder, run npm install && npm start.
  4. Open the styles. scss file to see how the theme has been customised.

How do you show an image on Ag grid?

When you want to display one or more images in grid cells, the best way is to use the built-in option for grid columns that allows you to specify the data that is displayed in the cells. In this case, you need to set the editorType of column object to Image.

What is gridOptions in Ag grid?

The gridOptions object is a ‘one stop shop’ for the entire interface into the grid, commonly used if using plain JavaScript. Grid options can however be used instead of, or in addition to, normal framework binding. The example below shows the different types of items available on gridOptions.

How do I disable right click on Ag grid?

2 Answers. [ suppressContextMenu]=”true” would do your ask. Alternatively, if you are defining getContextMenuItems in your component, simply return empty array from the function. You can also conditionally decide if you don’t want it for any specific column or not using the arguments params.

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How do you delete a row on Ag grid?

In this demo, please select rows/cells and press the Delete key to delete the selected range, and the Backspace key to delete selected rows.

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