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Question: What is ACC claim?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides compulsory insurance cover for personal injury for everyone in New Zealand, whether a citizen, resident or visitor. This means if you are injured by an accident in New Zealand, ACC may pay some of your medical and rehabilitation costs. ACC is paid for by employers.

What happens when ACC claim is accepted?

If we approve your patient’s claim Once we approve your patient’s claim, we’ll send them a letter confirming our decision and the ways we can help.

How do I make an ACC claim?

How do I make an ACC claim? You claim by lodging an ACC 45 Injury Claim Form. The form must always be completed by a treatment provider such as a doctor, physiotherapist or ambulance driver. Usually they will send the form to ACC for you.

What is the purpose of ACC?

ACC’s main purpose is to promote injury prevention measures, provide rehabilitation and fair compensation to those eligible under the Act.

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How long does an ACC claim take?

For standard claims, ACC has 21 days after receiving a claim to process that claim and make a decision about your entitlement. They can extend the time for making the decision if they need more information, but they can’t extend it to more than four months after you lodged your claim.

What does claim accepted mean?

If the claim is Accepted, there will be no further action required from you. If the claim is Rejected, the payer will let you know why so you can make corrections and resubmit.

How do ACC claims work?

Payments we’ll make to people who are injured if they can’t work because of their injury. We’ll pay up to 80% of a person’s weekly income before the injury prevented them from being able to work. at work, your employer must pay you for the first week. Your employer does not pay ACC levies on these payments.

What can you claim on ACC?

If we cover your injury we can help with aids and equipment, childcare and education, transport, accommodation, and counselling and therapy.

Who can lodge an ACC claim?

Most treatment providers, registered health professionals, and locums at a practice registered with us can lodge a claim.

How long can I claim after accident?

The general rule for adults who are considering making a claim for personal injury compensation is that you have three years from the date of the accident or incident in which to bring a claim.

What does ACC do in NZ?

New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme provides accident insurance cover for accidental injuries to New Zealand citizens and residents and to temporary visitors to New Zealand. Most ACC claims involve physical injuries caused by accidents.

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What is the purpose of the Accident Compensation Act 2001?

The main goal of the Act is to prevent injuries in the community, and minimise the impact of injuries within the community. The Act also focuses on rehabilitation and fair compensation for injuries.

Is ACC compulsory in NZ?

ACC Cover Plus is compulsory as soon as you become self- employed. However, ACC only provides loss of earnings compensation for a work or non-work related personal injury. In New Zealand, health statistics show that seven out of eight disabilities are not caused by injury, but by illness, which ACC does not cover.

How long do sensitive claims take?

ACC is the only Government body which provides financial aid specifically for those suffering mental trauma as a result of abuse. On average it takes a person nine months for the Government body to accept a claim of this nature, referred to as “sensitive claims”.

Can you be fired while on ACC?

Workers on ACC Dismissing an employee for incapacity while they are on long-term accident compensation because of injury, whether work-related or not, should be handled carefully. This applies when ACC decides it is reasonably practicable to return the claimant to their pre-injury employment with the same employer.

What happens when ACC declines a claim can clients Appeal What is this process?

Declined ACC can make legal argument and present a witness statement in support of your case. However, often Declined ACC will recommend that clients attend the review hearing, either in person, via telephone or video conference.

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