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Question: How does a torque rod work?

What Does a Torque Rod Do? Torque rods control driveline angles. When stopping and accelerating, torque rods restrain the rotation of your axle housing. Torque rods absorb leaning, maintains alignment and forces when you are driving.

How are torque rods used?

The torque rod has a multi-functional role in truck, tractor and trailer suspensions. It controls driveline angles of the vehicle, restrains rotation of the axle housing while accelerating and braking, locates the axle and maintains alignment and absorbs leaning and cornering forces.

When checking your torque rod make sure it is?

When performing these inspections, check the following: Inspect torque rod fasteners and torque rod bracket fasteners to ensure they are tightened to specification. Visually inspect the torque rods for bends, cracks, or other damage. Inspect the bushing looking for worn, torn, cut or walked out bushings.

What is a torque rod on a car?

The torque rod, also known as a radius arm, was designed to fulfill one purpose: to control longitudinal (fore and aft) movement. One end of the torque rod is fastened to the wheel knuckle or axle, and the other end is attached to the chassis or unibody of your vehicle.

What are cubesats made of?

There are now several companies that provide CubeSat primary structures (often called frames or chassis). Most are machined from aluminum alloy 6061 or 7075 and are designed with several mounting locations for components to allow flexibility in spacecraft configuration.

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What is a magnetic torque rod?

“Torque rods are electromagnets mounted on a spacecraft for attitude control. When a current passes through the torque rod, it produces a magnetic field that interacts with the Earth’s geomagnetic field, thus producing a torque on the spacecraft and changing its orientation.” (

How do momentum wheels work?

Reaction/momentum wheels are flywheels used to provide attitude control authority and stability on spacecraft. By adding or removing energy from the flywheel, torque is applied to a single axis of the spacecraft, causing it to react by rotating. One such spacecraft is the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS).

What is rod bushing?

Torque rod bushings are attached to both ends of torque rods to lessen the vibration and shock transmitted from the road surface to the chassis. The torque rods and bushings also fix the rear axle in place as well as transmit the driving torque, so they must be able to withstand inputs from a variety of directions.

What is a transverse torque rod?

Transverse torque rods provide lateral support for Hendrickson suspensions. They also provide greater stability and roll stiffness as well as keep the axle centered laterally and control axle walk-out on rear suspensions. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. TRANSVERSE TORQUE RODS ARE INCORPORATED FOR VEHICLE STABILITY.

What is a torque bushing?

engine. Torque converter bushings are connected to the flywheel, and are used to momentarily disconnect the engines power output from the transmission. They enable the power supply and transmission to operate under very reliable and safe running conditions.

Where are torque rods mounted?

Longitudinal and transverse torque rod length are determined by the original vehicle manufacturer for optimum drive line angle(s). The mounting brackets at the axle ends of the torque rods are generally furnished and welded into position on the axle housings by the axle manufacturer.

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