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Often asked: What can I make with old suitcases?

11 Creative Ways to Repurpose An Old Suitcase

  • of 11. Wall-Mounted Shelving.
  • of 11. Bedside Table.
  • of 11. Rolling Bar Cart.
  • of 11. Conspicuous Storage.
  • of 11. Charging Station.
  • of 11. Pet Bed.
  • of 11. Dollhouse.
  • of 11. Puppet Theatre.

Can you paint old suitcases?

Update a dated suitcase with a few fresh coats of trendy metallic spray paint. If you are looking for more even and smooth coverage, use spray paint. But if you want to use canned paint on a smooth surface like vinyl or waxed furniture, I would recommend using an oil-based primer can of paint for the first coat.

How do you decoupage a vintage suitcase?

Paint a coat of modge podge over one part of the suitcase. Place the paper over it and paint with another coat of modge podge. Use a sponge roller to ensure a smooth finish and rub out any air bubbles with your fingertips. 6 Repeat to decoupage the whole suitcase and seal with a final coat of modge podge.

Can you Mod Podge luggage?

Working in sections, apply Mod Podge to coat the suitcase, and cover with pre-cut fabric. Smooth out the wrinkles out to the edge. Let dry and add a second coat of Mod Podge to the suitcase. Use a craft knife to trim around the edge and remove any excess fabric that you didn’t get before.

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What can you do with old suitcases?

11 Creative Ways to Repurpose An Old Suitcase

  1. of 11. Wall-Mounted Shelving.
  2. of 11. Bedside Table.
  3. of 11. Rolling Bar Cart.
  4. of 11. Conspicuous Storage.
  5. of 11. Charging Station.
  6. of 11. Pet Bed.
  7. of 11. Dollhouse.
  8. of 11. Puppet Theatre.

How do you break a suitcase lock without the key?

Using an ordinary pen, pick a spot and poke between the teeth, until the pen pushes through. Then, run the pen the entire length of the zipper. It will open completely. When you’re ready to close it up, just grasp the regular zipper handle and zip it closed in the normal way.

How do you remove a TSA lock without a key?

Just reset the combination:

  1. Set the dial to 000.
  2. Turn the shackle at a 90 degree angle from the lock position.
  3. Push the shackle down (outside of the lock).
  4. Set the desired code.
  5. Pull the shackle up.
  6. Turn it back to the lock position.
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