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Is Wrinkles the Clown a movie?

Wrinkles the Clown is a 2019 American documentary comedy horror film directed by Michael Beach Nichols. The film follows a man known as Wrinkles the Clown who lives in Naples, Florida.

Is Wrinkles the Clown a movie or documentary?

Wrinkles the Clown is a documentary which follows the tale of scary clown sightings.

Is Wrinkles the Clown on Netflix?

No, the ‘Wrinkles the Clown’ Documentary Is Not on Netflix or Hulu. Hulu, another favorite streaming service, also does not offer an option for watching Wrinkles the Clown.

How do I watch Wrinkles the Clown?

Watch Wrinkles the Clown Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Wrinkles the Clown a good movie?

A timely documentary about modern folklore, coulrophobia’s origin, viral influence and the dark side of child psychology September 30, 2020 | Rating: 9/10 | Full Review… Wrinkles the Clown forgoes what it initially had with another agenda that feels misplaced.

What’s Wrinkles the Clown phone number?

Wrinkles’ phone number, (407) 734-0254, which is shown in the film, still rings. Voicemails left by the Tampa Bay Times were not returned.

How old should you be to watch Wrinkles the Clown?

Wrinkles the Clown Has No Rating, But the Documentary Does Have Brief Nudity. The movie was just released on October 4, but despite being about a clown, this documentary has parts that are just not appropriate for children. The movie itself is unrated.

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Where is wrinkles the clown now?

In a November 2015 interview with the Washington Post, Wrinkles claims to be a 65-year-old retired and divorced veteran who moved to Naples, Florida, from Rhode Island sometime around 2009.

Is Wrinkles the Clown on Amazon Prime?

Watch Wrinkles the Clown | Prime Video.

Are wrinkles dead?

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin. They naturally appear as people get older. The first wrinkles tend to appear on a person’s face in areas where the skin naturally folds during facial expressions. They develop due to the skin becoming thinner and less elastic over time.

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