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Is it cheaper to buy movie tickets at Costco?

Exact deals and quantities vary by location, but Costco usually sells packs of discounted movie tickets for AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters. Plus, when combined with other deals, the discounted Costco tickets are that much sweeter.

How much is a movie pass at Costco?

Their Costco Cineplex Movie Tickets – A Great Escape – movie deal is currently $29.99 and includes: 2 general admission movie tickets, 2 regular drinks and. 1 regular popcorn.

How can I get cheaper movie tickets?

Tactics to try at the box office

  1. Go on the right day. You could save money simply by seeing a movie on a certain day of the week.
  2. Cash in on senior and military discounts.
  3. Redeem a coupon.
  4. Take kids to summer movies.
  5. 11 Ways to Get Free Stuff.

How much are Costco movie passes Canada?

The wholesale retailer has some great deals on Cineplex movie tickets. The brand typically carries two different packages: The Costco Cineplex Child Movie Package ($9.99) or The Great Escape Package ($25.99) which includes two adult tickets, two beverages, and one regular sized popcorn.

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Can you buy AMC tickets at Costco?

Besides Cinemark Theatres, you can also get discounted movie tickets for AMC Theatres at Costco. The tickets are good at AMC Theatres, AMC Loews, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson Theatres and Star Theatres. 3D, Imax, Imax 3D, etc. will require additional fees.

How much are kids movie passes at Costco?

Movie tickets Head to Costco and grab a Cineplex Child Movie Package gift card. For $10.79, you get admission and snacks for one person, which is cheaper than paying the regular $9 kid ticket price at the door plus buying overpriced concession snacks.

Is it cheaper to buy movie tickets in person or online?

Don’t Buy Your Tickets Online Buying your movie tickets online might make things really convenient, but that convenience will cost you. Most online booking sites will charge you a fee to buy tickets online, so it’s always best to go a little early and buy the tickets from the actual box office.

Which Day movie tickets are cheapest?

Looking for the best deal on movie ticket prices? Then you should always consider going to the movies on Tuesdays! Because it is historically the slowest day of the week for movie theaters, most chains offer discount tickets and concessions.

What is the cheapest day to go to the cinema?

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm.

How do you use Costco movie tickets?

Premiere tickets are accepted for any movie, never expire and can be redeemed at any of our theatres nationwide for admissions at significant savings. How to redeem: Present ticket(s) at the admission counter located at the box office.

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What is Cineplex Great Escape?

The Cineplex Great Escape is redeemable in theatres for two general admissions, two regular soft drinks and one regular popcorn. It’s never been easier to experience a great night out at the movies! Make your next movie night a Cineplex night.

Does Costco sell discount movie tickets?

— Costco also sells bulk discount movie tickets (typically in four-packs), which allow shoppers to enjoy a couple bucks off the price of each entry. Exact deals and quantities vary by location, but Costco usually sells packs of discounted movie tickets for AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters.

Do AMC tickets from Costco expire?

Now’s the time to score a Costco membership deal and get up to a $20 Costco Shop Card & more perks! AMC Yellow Movie Tickets can be redeemed at the box office, online or in the AMC app. They have no expiration date and are valid at any AMC theater except for in California, New York and New Jersey.

What is the difference between black and yellow AMC movie tickets?

Black Tickets are valid for one admission to any movie. Yellow Tickets are valid for one admission to any movie. Yellow Tickets are not valid in California, New York or New Jersey. These tickets exclude opening night fan events, double features, marathon events, alternative content and special theatrical presentations.

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