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How do you preserve log cabins?

The wooden floor of a log cabin can be protected and sealed like any wooden floor with a floor oil or floor varnish. This will help to protect the floor and prevent dirt, grime and moisture from penetrating into the wood and ruining it over time. Finishing the floor also makes them easier to clean and maintain.

How do you keep log cabins from rotting?

How do we keep a log home dry and stop rot?

  1. Maintain a good finish on the exterior logs.
  2. Have adequate overhangs wherever possible.
  3. Have gutters in place and keep them in working condition, again –preventing water from ever getting to the logs.
  4. Free board – in other words: keep the house up off the ground.

What is the best treatment for log cabins?

Best Wood Preserver for Log Cabins: Top 10

  • Osmo Natural Oil Wood-stain.
  • Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment.
  • Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Wood Preserver.
  • Ronseal Total Wood Preservative.
  • Sadolin Wood Preserver.
  • Cuprinol Exterior Wood Preserver.
  • Protek Wood Preserver Plus.
  • Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear.
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How do I protect my log cabin wood?

Apply sunblock. Like your skin, wood is susceptible to sun damage. Harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause the surface of wood to break down, so consider using pigmented stains and products infused with UV combatants to protect your exterior logs, cedar siding and decking against sun damage.

How often does a log home need to be sealed?

How often should I reseal my log home? The short answer is usually every 3-5 years but this can vary due to many factors.

How do you preserve a log?

The wood should be stored in an area away from direct air movement, heat source, wind, sunlight, etc. A basement or unheated shop area is ideal. For large logs and timbers, we also recommend painting the ends with an End Grain Sealer.

How do you weather treat a log cabin?

Areas to be treated should be dry and previous coatings or repellents should be removed or weathered sufficiently to allow treatment to penetrate/bond to the surface. For best results, sand lightly in the direction of the grain and dust off. Allow to dry between coatings.

How do you treat an outdoor log cabin?

You’ll get best results if you use a non-toxic exterior cleaning product designed to be applied and then washed off. Scrub the surface with a soft car wash brush with a long handle. Rinse thoroughly with clear water after washing and scrubbing, then let the walls dry for two warm days before examining the surface.

How do you treat an outdoor log home?

Thoroughly washing the log siding is the only remedy for this. We recommend using Sashco CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener to remove these pollutants and keep your home’s exterior in good condition. Mix the CPR powder with water and spray it on the house with a garden sprayer.

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How much does it cost to seal a log home?

Sealing and Chinking Repair For a typical 1,500 square foot home, the price tag for this type of log cabin maintenance may run anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500. Homes that are not maintained properly may sustain damage. Wood that rots must be replaced when the resealing occurs, raising the cost even more.

What maintenance does a log home require?

So, how DO you maintain a log home? The most important factor is to clean: Clean and dry the wood’s surface before and after you stain, and keep the dust, pollen and mold off your logs every season. Pay special attention to the south and west walls of your log home, as they are more susceptible to the elements.

How many years does a log cabin last?

Log cabins can last anywhere between 20-50 years if done right. Log cabins can even last for a full century if it’s properly looked after and built in a good location that doesn’t experience extreme weather changes.

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