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FAQ: Where can I buy tickets for the Utah Valley Parade of Homes?

Tickets can be purchased on our website, on the parade app, or at any Central Bank or Osmond Designs location.

Where can I buy Parade of Homes tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on-line, or beginning February 17th at the Red Cliffs Mall and Lin’s Markets. No tickets sold at the homes. Exhibits open daily located in each of the garages.

What time does the parade of homes open?

Homes are always open Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 6:00 p.m.

Where is the Parade of Homes Utah?

Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2021 – Get $3 Off Tickets at Central Bank.

What is the Parade of Homes Colorado Springs?

The Parade of Homes offers the general public a first-hand look at the current trends and greatest innovations in new home design. This event showcases the latest design trends in affordable living to luxury dream homes complete with every amenity imaginable.

How many houses are featured in the 2021 St George area Parade of Homes?

George Area Parade of Homes is no ordinary Parade. It is the largest Parade in the state featuring 30 new homes full of the extraordinary. This event has a long-standing tradition of displaying a variety of spectacular homes and introducing exciting new trends to attendees across the state.

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Where is the Utah Valley?

Utah Valley is a valley in North Central Utah located in Utah County, and is considered part of the Wasatch Front.

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