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FAQ: What is the excretory organ of roundworm?

iii Roundworms – No particular excretory organ is found. Roundworms diffuse metabolic waste through there body wall. iv Annelids- The excretory system consists of nephridia as the excretory organ which is analogous to the kidney of vertebrates.

What are the excretory organs in flatworms and roundworms?

Excretory organs are different in different animes like flame cells in flatworms, nephridia in annelids, malpighian tubules in arthropods, renette glands in nematodes, kidney in human beings etc.

What is the excretory organ of nematodes?

Excretory system In many marine nematodes, one or two unicellular ‘renette glands’ excrete salt through a pore on the underside of the animal, close to the pharynx. In most other nematodes, these specialized cells have been replaced by an organ consisting of two parallel ducts connected by a single transverse duct.

What is the name of the excretory organ?

Kidneys. The paired kidneys are often considered the main organs of excretion. The primary function of the kidneys is the elimination of excess water and wastes from the bloodstream by the production of the liquid waste known as urine.

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What is the excretory organ of roundworm?

Nephridia are the excretory organs of the Phylum Annelida invertebrate worms.

What is the excretory system of a flatworm?

(2) Flatworms have an excretory system that consists of two tubules. The cells in the tubules are called flame cells; they have a cluster of cilia that propel waste matter down the tubules and out of the body. Annelids have a system for tubular reabsorption by a capillary network before excretion.

Is a excretory gland in nematodes?

The excretory gland cells are connected to the same duct and pore, and they secrete materials from large membrane-bound vesicles. The nature of this secretion is unknown. These cells and their shapes are highly variable in nematodes (Chitwood and Chitwood, 1950).

What is the excretory organ of insects?

In insects, Malpighian tubules (MTs) are the main osmoregulatory and excretory organs and are considered analogous to the nephridia of annelids or the kidneys of vertebrates.

What is the excretory system of insects?

* The typical insect excretory system consists of the Malpighian tubules, intestine, and rectum. We have already discussed the intestine and the rectum to some extent, so today we will mainly discuss the Malpighian tubules.

What are the main excretory organs?

The organs of excretion in humans include the skin, lungs and kidneys.

What are the 4 main body parts in the excretory system?

Organs of excretion make up the excretory system. They include the kidneys, large intestine, liver, skin, and lungs. The kidneys filter blood and form urine. They are part of the urinary system, which also includes the ureters, bladder, and urethra.

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What is the excretory organ in prawn?

The main excretory organs of prawn are paired green glands. They are located within the second antennae which are the second pair of appendages, attached to the anterior part of the body. Each green gland consists of on endsac, labyrinth and a bladder.

What are the excretory organs in prawns and cockroaches?

Statement A says that in cockroaches and prawns the excretory organ is the same and that is Malpighian tubules. Excretion refers to waste removal from the body.

What is the name of excretory organ of Hydra?

Hydra does not have a specific excretory organ. Excretion occurs through the general body surface.

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