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FAQ: What does g40 mean light bulb?

G40 globe lights are 40mm in diameter, exactly the size of a ping pong ball. This mid-size patio bulb bridges the gap between small G30 bulbs and large G50 bulbs, providing the ideal amount of brightness for most patios, backyard lighting and outdoor dining areas at restaurants.

What is the difference between a G25 and G40 bulb?

The G25 light bulb size is a commonly referred to as a vanity bulb. G40/G125 bulbs are much larger globes and serve as showpieces. They can be used together and in combination with other bulb sizes for dramatic hanging light displays.

What is the size of a G40 light bulb?

Bulb Size Reference Each G40 bulb is 2-1/4″ wide by 1-1/2″ wide. This G40 bulb is 5 watts and has a 1/2″ – C7 candelabra base. The bulb can be compared to the size of a golf ball.

Are G40 bulbs LED?

Buy Novelty Lights G40 LED replacement globe light bulbs. With 3 stunning LEDs per bulb, these lights use 1/10th the amount of energy as their incandescent counterparts yet are just as bright. Avaiable in 10 colors, these vintage-looking LED G40 bulbs are perfect for your outdoor string light project.

Will a G25 fit in E26?

Standard G25 shape with E26 medium base, which can be easily fitted to replace regular G25 incandescent or CFL light bulbs.

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What does G40 stand for?

Generation 40 (G40) was a faction of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF). The G40 was an informal group of ZANU–PF politicians working on generation change by replacing the older officials of the party. The group promoted itself as the younger, savvy, and well educated ZANU–PF members.

What is a globe bulb?

Not to be confused with GLS or golfball light bulbs, globes are large, round light bulbs usually used in decorative fittings and in hospitality industries like bars and restaurants. Their size means that they are inappropriate for smaller lamps and fittings, but can be striking when paired with larger ceiling lights.

What size is G25 bulb?

These G25 incandescents are 3.125 inches in diameter and have several base type options.

What is a G25 bulb?

What are G25 Bulbs? G-Shape LED globe bulbs are used in a variety of applications where a decorative ball shaped light source is required such as ceiling fans, accent fixtures, or as LED vanity bulbs for bathroom vanities. Unlike CCFL replacements LED G25 are instant on and dimmable.

What are the light bulb sizes?

Numbers in each code refer to the bulb’s diameter in one-eighths of an inch.

  • A15 bulb: 15/8 = 1-7/8″ diameter.
  • A19 bulb: 19/8 = 2-3/8″ diameter.
  • A21 bulb: 21/8 = 2-5/8″ diameter.
  • A25 bulb: 25/8 = 3-1/8″ diameter.
  • G11 bulb: 11/8 = 1-3/8″ diameter.
  • G14 bulb: 14/8 = 1-3/4″ diameter.
  • G16/G50: 16/8 = 2″ diameter.

Is G40 same as C7?

G40 Bulb – Clear (C7/Candelabra base)

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