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FAQ: What color are rhododendrons?

For sheer “flower power” few shrubs in the landscape can match the colorful elegance of rhododendrons. Available in a wide array of colors including white, pink, carmine red, lavender, deep purple and blue, their flowers are borne in terminal clusters that may reach twelve inches in diameter.

What colors do rhododendrons come in?

Rhododendron Shrub

  • Purple.
  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • White.
  • Pink.
  • Yellow.

Why are rhododendrons different colours?

A study recorded by G.M. Idorn in the “Journal of the American Rhododendron Society” noted changes in rhododendron colours after hard winters in Scotland and when the pH of the soil changed. This study reported paler yellows and bluer blues, attributed to different potting materials or the harsh winter or both.

Are rhododendrons green all year?

Bursting with vibrant blooms in the spring and retaining their leaves through the colder months, rhododendrons are the perfect “evergreen” for your winter landscape.

Do rhododendrons come in yellow?

Rhododendron flowers are available in many shades of yellow that brighten up your garden landscape.

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Is there a blue rhododendron?

Noted for its lavender-blue spring flowers, Rhododendron ‘ Blue Tit ‘ is a compact, mounding, dense, evergreen shrub producing incredibly eye-catching flower clusters. Blooming in mid spring, each cluster (or truss) can hold up to 3-5 attractive, trumpet-shaped, violet-blue flowers, whose color intensifies with age.

What is the darkest red rhododendron?

Ever Red. The absolute darkest red-purple leaved rhododendron to date with leaves so dark they sometimes appear almost black. This smaller, low growing plant is said to be a shy bloomer, but when it does, the flowers are deep red. Blooms early spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall.

Do rhododendrons change colour depending on soil?

One known rhododendron variety naturally changes color throughout the season. But the researchers note that rhododendrons and similar plants that prefer acid soils (for instance, hydrangea and azaleas) can definitely display differences in color intensity, if not hue, although the researchers do not know why, exactly.

How do you keep a rhododendron blue?

To produce or maintain blue flowers on a hydrangea bush, use a fertilizer that is low in phosphorus and high in potassium. This fertilizer may be labeled as an appropriate fertilizer for azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons.

Can rhododendrons flowers change colour?

Rhodo flowers do change colour as they mature but not heard of totally different colours before.

Do rhododendrons stay green in the winter?

Rhododendrons and azaleas, both from the genus Rhododendron, have long been mainstays of late spring because of their spectacular clusters of showy blooms—plus, large green leaves that often stay green through winter. They need a certain amount of chilling to develop strong flower buds.

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Do rhododendrons keep their leaves all year?

Normal: While we think of rhododendrons as evergreen, they do drop leaves just as conifers periodically shed needles. Some rhododendrons hold their leaves for a season, dropping the older leaves in spring, fall or both seasons. Other varieties can hold their leaves for three or even four seasons.

Do rhododendrons lose their leaves in the winter time?

Broadleaf evergreens, such as rhododendrons, lose water through their leaves even in winter when the weather is relatively warm and sunny or during periods of high winds. When the ground is frozen, the roots aren’t able to take up enough water in the soil to make-up for what is lost through the leaves.

What is the name of a yellow rhododendron?

Rhododendron luteum, the yellow azalea or honeysuckle azalea, is a species of flowering plant in the heath family Ericaceae, native to southeastern Europe and southwest Asia. In Europe, it occurs from southern Poland and Austria south through the Balkans and east to southern Russia; and in Asia, east to the Caucasus.

How big does a yellow rhododendron get?

More compact than some of the other Rhododendrons, the Yellow gives you greater versatility. Use it as a foundation plant, border or hedge. Maturing to a height of 5 feet, and generally growing to an equal width, this shrub is easily maintained.

Why is my rhododendron yellow?

If your soil is alkaline, you’ve found one reason for rhododendron leaves turning yellow: a mineral deficiency causing chlorosis. These shrubs take up too much calcium and not enough iron in alkaline soils. Chlorosis is very likely when the yellowing is mostly between the veins of new leaves.

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