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FAQ: Is Cripps Pink the same as Pink Lady?

To clear up any confusion, Cripps Pink apples and Pink Lady apples are the exact same apple with the same pink color and quality. The only difference is that Pink Lady® is a registered trademark of the Pink Lady Apple Association.

What does a Cripps Pink apple taste like?

Description/Taste The flesh is firm, crisp, effervescent, and yellow-white, with a tangy and sweet flavor. Some have described Cripps Pink as having notes of honey.

What variety are pink lady apples?

Pink Lady is also a trademark – the actual variety is Cripps Pink. The brand is owned and licensed by Apple and Pear Australia. It is grown, with permission, in a range of countries but not in the UK.

Who owns Pink Lady?

Pink Lady® is a trademark of Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) and is reserved for exclusive use by licensees.

Why can’t I find Pink Lady apples?

They can both be only grown under license, and the trademark holders refuse to license ‘Pink Lady’ to UK growers, fearing the climate will not do it justice. This is why you will never find a ‘Pink Lady’ apple tree for sale. It has its own logo “so much more than an apple”, which is again trademarked.

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Why are Pink Lady apples so expensive?

Why is Pink Lady® often more expensive than other apples? Growing Pink Lady® requires more time and more trained technicians than other varieties. Pink Lady® is the first apple to blossom and the last to be harvested. This long ripening process requires the producer to be at hand at all times.

Are Pink Lady apples the best?

Pink Lady apples are one of the best varieties for eating or serving. That’s because they have a beautiful round shape and color. Also, the variety is also high in acid making it slow to turn brown when cut. It’s versatile enough in flavor and texture to use for almost anything.

Can you get Pink Lady apples in America?

Storing Pink Lady® Apples Pink Lady® apples are a hardy apple and store very well in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage. This allows us to have the variety around nearly year-round! The Pink Lady® apple is available from October through July and the season for organic Pink Lady® apples runs from October through June.

Are Pink Lady apples like Honeycrisp?

In comparison to the honeycrisps, the pink ladies were simultaneously both sweeter and tarter, with a more concentrated burst of flavor. Actually, the pink ladies were among the best apples I’ve ever tasted and much better than other examples of the same variety I’ve sampled before.

What is the difference between Gala and Pink Lady apples?

Like Gala apples, Pink Ladies tend to be smaller and sweeter than other apples, making them perfect for having kids eat fresh. As we can see, both Gala and Pink Lady apples aren’t bad cooking apples – they hold their shape well – but their sweetness makes them more ideal for eating fresh or in salads.

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Are Pink Lady apples washed?

The product is prepared from clean, sound and mature apples, Pink Lady variety, which have been properly washed, unpeeled and cored, cut into desired size, immersed with additive (Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid), and properly dried to average not more than 5.0 % moisture by weight.

Are Pink Lady apples French?

In France, Pink Lady apples are mostly grown in the south east, south west and the Loire Valley, where the climate is “perfect”. This variety is the first to blossom on the tree, but it is harvested very late in the year, during late October and early November.

Why is it called Pink Lady?

John Cripps is the plant-breeder who naturally cross bred the first ever Cripps Pink apple in Australia in 1973. Mr Cripps had the ingenious idea to cross a Golden Delicious and a Lady Williams, so creating this delicious new variety. The best of these apples were then branded Pink Lady®.

Which countries grow pink lady apples?

The variety requires a growing period of 200 days, and a warm climate. Temperate regions are less suitable for cultivation. The apple is still grown in Australia, but by now production has spread all over the world, including New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

Is Pink Lady an apple or a brand?

Pink Lady is the brand name for Cripps Pink, an apple bred in Western Australia.

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