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FAQ: Does Walmart sell sprinkler heads?

Orbit 54117L 4″ Plastic Pop-Up Sprinkler Head –

How do I know what size sprinkler head I need?

The size of a sprinkler is determined by the height of the stem – the part that pops up. The part that stays in the ground is called a canister and should NOT be measured to determine size. Do NOT measure the entire sprinkler, either, meaning the canister and the pop-up.

Where can I find pop-up sprinkler heads?

Use a shovel to gently scrape the dirt from the area to find each buried head. Use a metal detector to find buried sprinkler heads. Many valves have metal parts you can locate by running the metal detector over the surface of the ground. Valves are located directly under sprinkler heads.

What are the 2 types of sprinkler heads?

Types of Sprinkler Heads for Fire Protection

  • Pendent Fire Sprinkler Head.
  • Upright Fire Sprinkler Head.
  • Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Head.
  • Concealed Fire Sprinkler Head.

What are the best pop up lawn sprinklers?

Our Top Picks

  • 2.5 K-Rain Pro-S 4″ Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Head.
  • 2.6 Hunter Industries Hunter Pro 4″
  • 2.7 Orbit 55201 Pulse XL Sprinkler Head.
  • 2.8 Orbit 54054 Brass Shrub Sprinkler Head.
  • 2.9 Orbit 54242 400-Series Professional Sprinkler Head.
  • 2.10 Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Head.
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How do I buy a sprinkler head?

Tip: When choosing your sprinkler heads, identify oddly shaped areas and borders as well as sections that may need less water than others (for example, shrubs and trees require less water than grass and flowers).

Are all sprinkler heads the same?

Yes, in most cases, you can change your sprinkler head with a different style or brand. You just have to be sure the threading type is the same. Some have female threads while others have male threads. As long as the threads match up, you can get whichever one you like.

How far apart do sprinkler heads need to be?

The distance between the sprinkler heads should not be more than 1 foot greater than the width of the planter. In other words, if the planter is 8 feet wide you would install half circle heads on both sides of the planter, not more than 9 feet apart from each other.

How can I find my sprinkler lines without digging?

If you prefer to locate the lines and heads of your system without digging, rent a valve locator or even a metal detector and mark areas once found – better yet, call call 811, a federally mandated service, and ask someone to come out and locate the system for you.

How many sprinkler heads can you put on one line?

At different pressures, the sprinkler head and nozzle will consume different amounts of water. For example, at 35 pounds per square inch (PSI) the 5000 Series Rotor using the 3.0 nozzle will use 3.11 gallons per minute (GPM). If your home’s water capacity was 10 GPM, you could place 3 heads per zone.

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What is a shrub sprinkler head?

Shrub-style sprinkler bodies are mounted above ground level on a vertical pipe. This allows the sprinkler to be elevated above the level of the plants, where it can spray water over them. Shrub type sprinklers are most often used in areas with tall, dense shrubs.

What do sprinkler head colors mean?

The liquid in the sprinkler head comes in a variety of colors, which indicates the temperature required to activate the head: Orange – 135° F. Red – 155° F. Yellow – 174° F. Green – 200° F.

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