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FAQ: Does U Pack have storage?

Add Storage to Your U-Pack Move! U-Pack provides affordable moving and storage services in our ReloCube moving containers and our moving trailers. Just load your belongings inside and lock the equipment — we’ll pick it up and store it at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery.

Does U-Pack include storage?

Unlike most container companies that build a month of storage into your initial quote, U-Pack charges for storage only if you request it. Your initial quote includes three days of loading and unloading time at your home. Additional storage costs at a U-Pack warehouse costs a flat fee of $150 per month per container.

What does U-Pack do with the extra space?

Adding Storage to Your U-Pack Move We’ll transport and store it at one of our secure service centers at origin, at destination, or while in transit. The items will stay inside the equipment until you’re ready for them. When you’re ready, just give us a call, and we’ll deliver them!

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How long can you keep U-Pack?

You have up to three days to load it up. If you’re using a moving container (called a “ReloCube”), you’re responsible for getting a lock, locking the container closed and holding onto the key.

How much does a U-Pack cube hold?

Each CubeTM can hold a maximum of 2,500 pounds of household goods, and most types of furniture will fit inside without a problem. But just to be sure, we recommend measuring your furniture and comparing the size to the internal dimensions of the ReloCube.

Why is Upack so expensive?

The cost of U-Pack depends on the number of ReloCubes you need for your move or the amount of trailer space. It will also be determined by the add-ons you choose. Unlike other portable storage container moving options, you only pay for what you need with U-Pack.

How much does storage in transit cost?

Average rates for storage units can be found below: 5×5-foot unit: $40 to $50/month. 10×15-foot unit: $75 to $140/month. 10×15-foot units (climate controlled): $115 to $150/moth.

Will a king size bed fit in a UBOX?

Compared to other container moving services, U-Box doesn’t offer as much variety. It has only one size of container available: U-Box dimensions are 8 x 5 x 7 feet, which is only big enough to fit a king-sized bed. Compare that to PODS, for example, which offers containers in three sizes up to 16 feet long.

Can I fit a couch in a UBOX?

Remember: each U-Box container can fit about a room to a room and a half’s worth of household belongings, and that includes furniture.

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Which is better PODS or pack rat?

PODS and 1-800-PACK-RAT are two of the best moving container companies in the industry. PODS has more locations and gets better reviews. Winner: 1-800-PACK-RAT is our winner because it has lower pricing (after discounts) and higher quality containers.

Does U-Pack do long term storage?

How Moving and Storage Works with U-Pack. Both short- and long-term storage are available in most U-Pack service areas. A moving consultant can help you decide whether you need storage at origin, in transit or at destination.

How long do I have to unload U-Pack?

You get up to three business days to load and three business days to unload. You’ll need to secure parking before moving day.

How long do you have to unpack U-Pack?

How much time do I have to load or unload my goods? While there are some exceptions (in places like New York City and Boston), in most cases you can have up to 3 business days to load and then 3 business days to unload. If you need less time, just call the local service center when you’re ready to schedule pick up.

How much fits in a Upack trailer?

How much does the trailer hold? The trailer’s full capacity is approximately 1,944 cubic feet, which is enough room to hold a 3- to 4-bedroom home.

What size containers does Upack have?

Multiple equipment types. PODS® offers two container sizes for long-distance moves — 7′ x 7′ x 8′ and 16′ x 8′ x 8′. U-Pack has two types of equipment: the ReloCube container (6′ x 7′ x 8′) and the moving trailer (28′ x 8′ x 9′).

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