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FAQ: Does preen hurt plants?

Preen and mulch together are the one-two punch of weed prevention. Just as Preen, when used as directed, won’t affect your existing garden plants, it won’t kill existing weeds. These weeds need to be eliminated. There are products that kill weeds, but then you still have unsightly dead weeds in the garden.

Can you put Preen around plants?

Preen is considered safe for use on ornamental plants along with fruits and vegetables. Preen should be handled and applied with care like any other herbicide. But once it’s in the soil it only affects the roots and shoots of young plants, and it won’t kill mature plants or perennials.

What plants are harmed by Preen?

Be aware that Preen and other pre-emergent herbicides will kill flower and vegetable seeds, just as it does the weed seeds. For example, plants like beans, lettuce, and carrots seeds are often directly sown in the garden and may be killed.

How close to plants can you put Preen?

Preen is safe to use in flower gardens once plants are established. Label instructions suggest using the product after ornamental flowers, grasses and shrubs are at least 3 inches in height. Flower seeds sown into the garden after an application of Preen will not germinate.

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When should you not use Preen?

Preen should not be used on flower seeds. It can be used after flowering plants have germinated and are 2 – 3 inches tall. Preen may also be incorporated into the soil when seeding vegetables or applied after mulching beds.

Will preen hurt perennials?

PREEN DOES NOT HARM SHALLOW-ROOTED PERENNIALS OR BULBS FROM GROWING! Once Preen is applied I suggest that you don’t do too much walking or cultivating in the beds because you can “break” up this barrier which will then allow weeds to sprout and grow.

Will preen hurt tomato plants?

Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is effective in preventing broadleaf and grassy weeds from growing, and can be used on corn, snap beans, tomatoes, as well as other established garden vegetables.

Does mulch with preen work?

Preen weed preventer products will work very well with almost any type of mulch. It’s very easy. First pull out any weeds that have already cropped up in the garden, so you have a clean bed. Then apply mulch to a thickness of approximately two inches.

Can you use too much preen?

Using too much of the product is just as wasteful and may be harmful to plants and the environment. That means you should identify what the problem is before applying a product. If you have bugs on a plant and apply a fungicide, you will still have bugs.

Does Preen need to be watered in?

It’s very important to water in Preen. Water activates Preen. After you water in any new application, don’t allow people or pets to walk in the bed until it is once again dry. If you can’t water it in immediately, and no rain falls within two days, use a rake to work the granules into the soil or mulch.

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What temperature should you apply Preen?

Apply according to the label instructions as soon as the soil temperature warms to 55 degrees. You can apply up until 4 weeks after the crabgrass has germinated—usually March through early May, depending on your climate. Clear out dead perennial foliage as soon as winter breaks.

Can Preen be used on rocks?

Will the Preen go through the rocks and into the soil? Yes. Preen, Snapshot, Treflan or other products will work by just spreading or shaking the product right over the top. It works the essentially the same way as a pre-emergent does for crabgrass, in that it prevents weeds from germinating.

Will Preen prevent grass from growing?

Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control stops crabgrass and other grassy weeds from growing for up to 4 months on well established lawns.

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